Nantucket Sound Seafood LLC ICSSL Number MA 10958 SP
Nantucket Sound Seafood LLCICSSL Number MA 10958 SP

Primary Seafood Products From Captain Al's Finest


  • Live Surf Clams
  • Hard Shell Quahogs
  • Nantucket Conch
  • Steamers (Softshell clams)
  • Seasonal Fish
  • Processed Surf Clams
  • New to Natucket Sound Seafood     Bay Scallops

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We'd be happy to discuss our manufacturing capability offerings in greater detail with you. Please contact us at 508 /994 /1280 or use our contact form.

Nantucket Sound Seafood provides product for both the United States domestic marketplace as well as foreign markets.


Standard Processed Products


Clam Strips

Chopped Clam Meat

Whole Live Clams

Shucked Quahogs

Shucked Steamers

Shucked Bay Scallops


Extra Processed Products Surf Clams


Fileted Clam Tongues

Abductor Muscles

Butterflied Mantel

Live Half Shell Clams





Contact Information

Nantucket Sound Seafood

350 South Front Street

New Bedford, MA 02740


Phone: 508.994.1280

Fax: 508.994.1281




Please use our contact form.

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