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Nantucket Sound Seafood 

Committed to the Highest Quality Standards

Nantucket Sound Seafood has a highly skilled staff with over a combined 100 years in the Seafood Industry, we have many years of experience in Seafood Processing, Fishing, Quality Assurance, and Product Development. Our goal is to always surpass your expectations! We have the reputation in the industry for doing it right. And we are proud of that.


Who is Captain Al ?

Captain Al is not only the owner of the fishing fleet that supplies most of our products, he's the owner of the company. With that he's dedicated on getting us the freshest seafood with a consistant quality that is a step above our competition. Al has over 30 years of fishing experience, from quahoging on Narraganset Bay to fishing, scalloping, and claming on Nantucket Sound.  Allen's fleet of fishing boats are maintaned and  set up with the latest and best equipment in the industry  Allen loves what he does as we all do here at Nantucket Sound.  We wouldnt want to be anything else but Seafood People.


Nantucket Sound Seafood operates a processing plant that currently employs between 30 and 35 people in the local population, many of whom are minorities. We shuck, clean, freeze, package, store, and distribute freshly caught surf clams, ocean quahogs, conch, seasonal fish. We provide fresh and frozen seafood to nearly 100 customers including markets, restaurants, and distributors. What makes our business especially unique is we are one of the only seafood manufacturing companies that still hand-shucks it’s shellfish. This maintains the raw freshness and nutritional superiority of our

product and ensures more jobs for the community rather than relying on automation. A quintessential part of New England culture is New England clam chowder. If it weren’t for Nantucket Sound Seafood, a large portion of the clams used in local clam chowders would be sourced from Canada. And no one wants a Canadian Clam Chowder.



Allen Rencurrel / Owner, CEO 

Michael Costa / Vice President, COO                    

Kristen Isherwood / Controller

Luciano (Pancho) Tzunux / Production Supervisor  


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